Hybrid Cloud

First Practice Management Cloud Software. iDentalSoft hybrid design creates flexibilily for hosting as Private or Public Cloud, and migratable between Clouds.

Multi Platforms and Multi Practices

iDentalSoft, intelligent design, allows support of Single or Multi-Practices on Multi-Platforms Windows, Mac and Linux.

Multi Levels Security and Anywhere Access

With iDentalSoft Cloud, you have multi-users, anytime-anywhere access and security at multiple levels:

  • Secure at transport level
  • Secure at access level
  • Secure at user level
  • Secure at database level

Automated Backup

No more backup worries. iDentalSoft has automated schedule to create multiple of encrypted backup, locally and in the cloud.


Why use 3rd party paid service? iDentalSoft has built-in Electronic Patient Communication. An automated system will eMail, Text to patients in eReminders, eRecalls, eConfirms, eBirthday, eGreetings, eStatements, more...

eClaim and Real-time Eligibility

Included in eServices, iDentalSoft supports Electronic Claims submission and Patient Real-time Eligibility.

Integrated Bridge

Part of intelligent design, iDentalSoft is built with ability for multiple bridge connections and Twain support for direct image acquisition of X-Rays, Pans, and/or Photos.


Providers can write prescriptions and print over Standard or Prescription formatted paper.

Records Consolidation

iDentalSoft creates paperless practice environment. Paper records can be scanned and uploaded to consolidate patient record.

HIPAA Compliant

iDentalSoft complies to Privacy and Security Guidance.

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Patient Education






Practice Web Design


 iDentalSoft has been a wonderful practice management software. Easy to use with short learning curve. The staffs can be trained in a short time. Looks like webpage. Any staff can learn with trial and error quickly. The built-in help manual is great for problem solving. The support from Michael and his staffs are wonderful and efficient.

The software is browser based so that it can be used with most of electronic devices such as laptop computers, tablets, and other devices. Excellent for multiple offices/practices.

Love the Patient Portal. Patients can fill out all paper work online at the office or before coming in to the office. Wonderful, time saving tool. Safe paper, ink, and electricity. What a great way to be GREEN, SAVE overhead and budgets. Win Win situation. Can't go wrong with iDentalSoft! . 

  Dr. Julie Hsieh, DDS. Westlake Village, CA.
iDentalSoft Intro from Punjabi Dental Society